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SARGAS For Businesses

A SARGAS franchise is a partnership with a solid, diversified company, with a leadership that understands the challenges of the industry.Our full-fledged assistance in the areas of business i.e., sales, marketing, safety, and training will ensure that you progress with our partnership. If you have the dream, we have the support to nurture it. Together we would make it happen for a sustainable and profitable tomorrow

Our successful franchisees are a testament to the tried and tested business model of LPG franchising and with a strong brand and support behind you, any investment option you choose will give you a head start in growing the SARGAS business in your community. 

Sign Up Criteria

SARGAS always prefers young and energetic distributors with a lot of enthusiasm and keenness to grow along with the company. Nevertheless, to become a distributor of SARGAS certain criteria needs to be fulfilled and they are as follows:

Residential & Commercial customers can bring their empty 12.5Kg, cylinders to your business, and exchange them with full cylinders at your location. Simply swap any brand, empty cylinder with a full cylinder from the supplied cage. It’s that easy. A customer may also purchase a Full 12kg cylinder with Gas.


For more information, send an email to info@sargascylinder.com


A dedicated SARGAS Account Manager will visit you and explain the Retailer cylinder exchange program details & benefits. We will also perform a quick site survey.


We take care of all certification required for you to store LPG gas cylinders on-site, whilst ensuring DPR gas standards for safety & compliance are followed


SARGAS will provide on-site safety training and cylinder exchange procedures to your staff


SARGAS will install a lockable retail cylinder cage with 12.5 kg cylinders