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SARGAS For Businesses

We know running a business is no small task… Let’s face it, Choosing the best energy supplier for your business can be a challenging task, especially when your operations are located where mains gas is not available. SARGAS prides itself on being the most reliable source of LPG to businesses in Nigeria. Our vast distribution and logistics operations supported by IoT enable us to monitor your gas usage and deliver gas to you before you run out of gas.

That’s why SARGAS is the chosen LPG supplier to hundreds of businesses across the country.

We supply:

  • Restaurants & FastFoods
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Schools / hostels
  • Manufacturing / Industries
  • Gas to Power

Why Choose SARGAS?

Tank Monitoring 

We easily manage your tanks with our remote monitoring technology. Our tank monitoring solution is based on ISA loggers that collect data and send it to our IoT Platform through GSM and CDMA cellular networks. This way we are able to monitor the usage of your gas and notify you when a refill is needed. This technology also enables us to deliver gas to you at the right time 

Efficient Delivery

We’ve invested heavily in our Logistics and delivery trucks. Our IoT systems allow us to remotely monitor the contents of your gas tank, and schedule deliveries to ensure you never run out. 

Proficient Maintenance & Safety

We are committed to continually improving the safety of our systems, equipment, and resources. we continuously invest in the safety and reliability of our cylinders and tanks. This means we can ensure the safe use of equipment’s and your facility 

Zero run-out & Reliability

With our IoT, we can guarantee you that you would never run out of gas 


With our product, services, and phenomenal team, we make the conventional tasking processes of purchasing and refilling your gas tank, become absolutely STRESS-FREE for you