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Across the globe air pollution is responsible for the largest number of deaths and the reported cases of respiratory disease. over 4.3 million deaths each year! On the continent, Nigeria does not farewell, sadly she has the highest rate of fatalities from air pollution and the 4th highest globally with 150 deaths per 100,000 people attributable to pollution.

Globally an estimated 7.8 million people die prematurely as a result of diseases caused either directly or indirectly by air pollution linked to cooking. This is terrifying as cooking is the primary activity Nigerian home utilizes fuel for.

Nigerian women take the most risk as they are the primary homemakers and areal so primarily responsible for cooking. In entrepreneurial endeavors to women are also the main victims due to inhalation of noxious emissions.

Inhalation is the primary means of engagement with pollutants. Particulate matter inhaled from household air pollution alone is responsible for 50% of pneumonia deaths among children under five. Globally the overwhelming majority of these pollution-causing deaths occur in low and lower-middle-income countries in the developing world. We need change.


LPG in its versatility serves as an effective solution to the problems caused by our current fuels. Having almost none of the disadvantageous features-from its combustion, to its transportation. Its advantages stretches beyond individual uses to larger societal economic and commercial advantages

  • LPG is a non-poisonous gas safe for indoor use
  • Item its virtually no black carbon (BC) soot, choking smoke, or smell during combustion. Instead-its exhaust is problem-free for your kitchen. Essentially leaving it clean.
  • LPG has high quality in its burn consistency. food cooks faster
  • LPG is far more energy concentrated. LPG transfers 50% of its energy content to the pot. Better than other fuels
  • LPG is easy to control and regulate
  • LPG flame can be easily turned higher or lower
  • Safe for high flames