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A majority of us must have been born into homes in which kerosene stoves were used to cook. Even the ‘children’ of the 2000’s, popularly known as Generation Z will have been born to eat meals prepared with the use of kerosene stoves. In those days, the mention of gas cooker struck terror into our little hearts partly because of the ‘numerous’ stories we might have heard of gas explosions. These stories held back most of our parents from making the transition from the use of the kerosene stove to the use of gas cookers despite the obvious benefits. But we should know better now as we are in the digital age and are armed with the power of knowledge.

However, some of us still do not know the advantages of using LPG to cook instead of sticking to kerosene. Well, we are writing this article to change your mind! If you read the next few paragraphs without having at least a shift in your thoughts about cooking gas, then we will give up. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen! LPG is easy to use in the sense that you do not have to worry about changing the wick of your stove, and continuously topping your stove with kerosene when it finishes. Oh, and don’t forget that god-awful smell that comes with it. With the present economic situation in Nigeria, kerosene goes at a price of N83/litre following the removal of kerosene subsidy by the government. This means that retailers who sell in tanks
will place theirs at a higher price per gallon or bottle. Depending on the size of your stove and/or gallon as well as your consumption level, this can become very expensive to maintain as you might find yourself buying weekly, bi-weekly or at best, monthly. Consider this in comparison with the cost of filling a gas cylinder which can last you up to 3 months per filling depending on your level of use.

Oh, have we also mentioned that gas heats faster as compared to the other fuels thereby making cooking faster as the food will be done in no time? We didn’t? Wow, now you know! This is actually a personal favourite of ours (please, don’t tell anyone). So, what are you waiting for, make that switch from the use of the outdated kerosene stove to the more updated, cost-saving, easy-to- use and fast LPG cooking gas and you will not regret it (we cross our hearts).

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