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How to eat and stay healthy while pregnant

The importance of eating healthy when pregnant has been talked about in an earlier article with the different classes of nutrients that should be present in every meal explored.  One of the major aspects

Creating a balanced diet for your child

In a previous article, the importance of incorporating the major food groups into your child’s diet was explained. In this article, we will be looking at creative ways to incorporate these meals into your

Boosting your immune system with fruits

Fruits have several benefits to the body from helping to make the skin glow to aiding digestion, but did you also know that fruits are also useful to boost the immune system? Fruits are a


Everyone who has ever researched on the best way to boost sex drive and libido will most likely have heard about staying trim, resting more, and even, eating oysters. However, what so many people

The New SARGAS Energy

Dear Friends, I am excited to introduce you to the new brand image of SARGAS Energy. Our new brand reflects better who we are. With our refined focus and commitment to our social responsibility

5 Tips for weight loss

One of the major issues faced by people trying to lose some weight is the futility of some of their efforts. They exercise for 30 days and seem to be losing weight and just

5 most endangered animals in Africa

The list of endangered animals in Africa is continually growing at a staggering rate. This is caused by a number of reasons ranging from, but not limited to; loss of habitat as a result