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Did you know that the human body has a system in place known as the drought management system which helps to prevent dehydration?

What does this indicate?

That water is the very essence of life.

The importance of water cannot be over emphasized.

  • It helps in the regulation of body temperature.
  • Sweat glands produced in the skin and from evaporation helps to produce a cooling effect after the body perspire from overheating.
  • Blood plasma, which is critical to balancing the body’s ph. level, is made up of 92% water and maintains body temperature as well as rids the body of antibodies.
  • It is also helps in the digestive process as our saliva aids in swallowing by lubricating the esophagus to ensure that food slides down smoothly to the intestines.
  • When there isn’t enough water in the body, it will lead to friction of the joints thereby resulting in pains, injuries and even arthritis.
  • Did you also know that the eyeball also needs water to function optimally and remain healthy?

Therefore, ensure that you drink enough water after eating your meal cooked with LPG provided by SARGAS energy.

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