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Everyone who has ever researched on the best way to boost sex drive and libido will most likely have heard about staying trim, resting more, and even, eating oysters. However, what so many people do not know is that some fruits also contribute a large percentage to boosting sex drive.

One of the major fruits one should endeavor to eat, especially if you are experiencing a low sex drive is banana.

Famous for its sexual innuendo, bananas are also great for boosting sex drive. Apart from its nutritional benefits, bananas contain bromelain enzyme and also potassium which will aid in regulating energy levels.



Another great fruit to aid high sexual performance is watermelon.

This wonderful fruit is packed with an amino acid that is also known as ‘Nature’s Viagra’ but without the side effects of Viagra. This amino acid is known as L-citrulline and it helps to improve the flow of blood to the sexual organs by first converting to L-arginine and then to nitric oxide. This nitric oxide is involved in the dilation of the blood vessels.


Avocado is another important fruit which contains a healthy amount of fats necessary for the body. In Nigeria, this fruit is often ignored but it should be noted that it contains folic acid which helps the body to metabolise proteins. It also has a large amount of vitamin B6 which helps in fighting of stress as well as with the production of testosterone, as well as potassium that increases the female libido because of its regulation of the thyroid gland.

Do you know any other fruits that are great for boosting sexual performance? Feel free to share with us and do not forget to eat fruits alongside meals you cook using SARGAS LPG.

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