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The importance of eating healthy when pregnant has been talked about in an earlier article with the different classes of nutrients that should be present in every meal explored. 

One of the major aspects of pregnancy is the cravings that come with it. These cravings are usually for unhealthy meals and snacks. But guess what? You can satisfy your cravings and still remain healthy. how?

By eating healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks can come in the form of carrots, lettuce, cucumber, apples, watermelon, moi moi, yoghurts, etc. Eating this will help to avoid slipping into the dark dark hole that is obesity. In view of this, a pregnant woman should also ensure that she does not eat junk foods like biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, etc as it would only lead to weight gain. 

Pregnant women should also incorporate the habit of drinking water regularly and doing light exercises to keep them in shape. They should also ensure that they also take foods rich in folic acid or as tablets or capsules as it is necessary to the development of the child and the prevention of birth disorders.

Cooking with LPG is also essential when pregnant because of its ease of use and speed in heating up food thereby ensuring that you do not have to stand on your feet for so long while waiting for a meal to be ready.

Finally, upholding the highest hygiene standards cannot be overemphasized at this stage of your life. Make sure you wash every vegetable, fruit or food stuff that needs to be washed before consumption in order to avoid the risk of ingesting any form of bacteria. 

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